Agro-ecology: building a new food system for Europe

Over the past 50 years, our food system has become both more globalized and more heavily dependent on cheap raw materials, chemical inputs and mechanization. Big business has moved in, with control of our food increasingly concentrated in a handful of multinational corporations operating throughout the food chain. The social and environmental impacts …

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Food sovereignty: 5 steps to cool the planet and feed its people

La Via Campesina and GRAIN published a document about How the industrial food system contributes to the climate crisis. Between 44% and 57% of all GHG emissions come from the global food system.   1. Take care of the soil The food/climate equation is rooted in the earth. The expansion of unsustainable agricultural practices …


Forests, food sources for humankind

International efforts to address food insecurity must pay more attention to the role forests play in food production, say a panel of scientists. A report by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), a body convened by the United Nations, says forests should be considered also as food sources, not only …